Extended Excess

by Zansman

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This EP was recorded in the summer of 2016 and I've spent like half a year mixing it and now it sounds pretty good, except the newest track. The title is also from that song! The secret was to mix it so that it sounded terrible, and then it turned out great on other speakers! Woo


released November 17, 2016

All songs written by Read Hard. Guitar, bass, vocals, tambourine, keyboards, back up vocals, candyjar by Read Hard. Additional perfomers: see songs.



all rights reserved


Zansman Bergen, Norway

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Track Name: Always in the Middle
Always in the Middle

Verse 1

I'm stuck in my own puddle
And it's not much of a struggle
Way too subtle, but also insane
While others do drugs, I just ruin my brain


I'm always in the middle
and perplexed by life's riddle
Always too much, always too little
But you'll always find me in the middle

Verse 2

Now all is boring and overrated
But it might just be me who's jaded
I hate it, feel like I could do without
I'm stuck in the middle of my own doubt


Born into the middle class
The middle of the road is where I pass
Never alone and never together
Is this how it's gonna stay forever?
I never really got my thrill
And I wonder if I ever will

Verse 3

And I don't know where they've turned
All those bridges that I've burned
I'm learned, but also ingrained
Others fall in love, I just fall insane
Track Name: Secret

Verse 1

I've got a little secret that no one gets to know

I always carry it with me wherever I may go

It hurts to keep it inside, but would be worse if it came out

And this secret paints my world into an artwork of shame and doubt


So welcome to my world

You won't be staying long

The only way into my world

Is through this god damn song

You won't get this secret

Which you've now been exposed to

Everyone has secrets

Maybe we're supposed to

Verse 2

I've got lots of secrets that never will be told

And I guess it's stinging more as I'm growing more old

In the grand scheme of things, my secrets are no big deal

But to me it matters much, cuz of the pain they make me feel

Verse 3

Maybe we should count ourselves lucky, be thankful for every scar

It's the secrets we keep that tells us who we are

We cover up our scars with lifted heads and all our clothes

But it's when we're naked we see what nobody else knows
Track Name: The Ends (Don't Justify the Means)
The Ends(don't justify the means)

Verse 1

Sometimes I feel like you're honest

other times it seems like you lie

sometimes it feels like it's August

but sometimes it seems like July

Things will always seem different

meanings change as you turn the book

sometimes the closest is distant

the vacant table is already booked


But the things that we share

is just a nightmare

and it'll never turn out like my dreams

it's far from July

and no matter how I try

the ends cannot justify the means

Verse 2

Sometimes I seem like I'm honest

when I really am full of hit

Sometimes I seem like I'm modest

when I'm bragging like hell about it

People are fucked and deceptive

and they really make me sad

but it all puts me in perspective

I really can't be that bad

The ends cannot justify the means

(The means just can't justify the end)
Track Name: Little Laura (The Sad Turtle)-Acoustic version)
Little Laura (The Sad Turtle)

Verse 1

Little Laura is just a turtle
Every hour is a new step, each day is a new hurdle
Even when there's sunshine, Laura wishes she was well
Cuz all she sees is darkness when she's hiding in her shell

Oh oh Laura I want you to know
all you need is baby steps, the fastest were once slow


The world moves quick
and only the slow will see it
and if you fall behind
well, so be it
The world is tough
when you're a turtle
So Smile and dry your eyes
Laura Turtle

Verse 2

Little Laura listens to her favorite song
But she can't follow the beat and lyrics are all wrong
And even when she's smiling, there's a little tear inside
Just dreaming of the day when she doesn't have to hide

Oh oh Laura I want you to see
Things don't always work out, just be who you want to be

Verse 3

Little Laura is a sad little turtle
Watches Pokemon, wishes she could be like Squirtle
Maybe we're all like Laura, just hiding in our shells
Just dreaming of the day we can truly be ourselves

Oh oh Laura, we all know that she's a
turtle who'll never be a Ninja, but she's still eating pizza
Track Name: All I Have
All I Have

Verse 1

I used to have dreams of movin' forward
Not having to say one more word
To live in world where all was equal
Same opportunities for all people
But I guess I had to give up
on goals to which I could never live up

Verse 2

I used to dream of a world without riches
Where different thinkers don't get burned as witches
I wanted to know what I did had meaning
And I didn't get lost in pointless dreaming
But I guess it's basically true
These are things I can never do


Cuz I can't change the world
I can't hardly change myself
I just want to know
if there's some way I can help
I'd just like to know if I could take one for the team
But for now all I have is a dream

Verse 3

I used to have hopes for a better future
"But that won't work", oh, are you sure?
Where there's no such thing as extended excess
A place for all creeds, races and sexes
But I guess you are right
A change like that won't happen overnight

Verse 4

I used to dream of getting better
Of one day getting myself together
To work hard and never give in
And that little hope what was got me livin'
But now, what is left?
Just knowing I did my best?